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Sunday December 3


3:00 pm

St. Clare of Montefalco

Mack & Whittier

Grosse Pointe Park

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Chorus America's Chorus Impact Study Reveals the Lifelong Benefits of Choral Singing

"People who sing feel more connected to others. * * * Chorus members give back to their communities in a big way. They are more likely than other Americans to donate money and volunteer their time to a variety of causes both inside and outside arts."

OUR LOCAL SUPPORTERS are invaluable to our ability to present great music to the community.

Please patronize them as circumstances allow.

"Singing with this chorus is a wonderful experience. You don't have to audition or be able to read music. You just need to find joy in singing all kinds of music. You'll make friends among the members and feel such a sense of accomplishment at the end of each season. I'm so happy I joined."

From a GPCC Member since 1968

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