Q:    Do I need musical training or experience to join GPCC?


Definitely not.  All you need is the love of music and singing.  We don’t have auditions.  Don’t know what voice part you should sing?  Joseph, our director, will help you figure that out.


Q:    What if I need help learning the music?


We all do!  Ron, our accompanist, produces practice CDs for every voice part.  These are available for a nominal fee.


Q:    What kinds of music do you sing?


Take a look at our recent programs on the Events page.  As you can see, we love variety!  GPCC has a vast library of music in many genres, and each season we add new selections.  Just recently we have sung Broadway, movie music, jazz, spirituals, the Beatles, Motown and the classics.  And of course, we do all sorts of holiday music for our December concert.  


Q:    Will I need to memorize the music?


No, we use our music folders during performances.


Q:    Are all ages of adults welcome to join?


Yes, our members range from the 20s to the 90s.


Q:    I am unable to stand for a great length of time.  May I sit on a stool during performances?


Yes, we have several chorus members who sit on stools on the risers during performances.


Q:    What do chorus members wear during performances?


In the winter, the women wear black tops with 3/4 or full sleeves, and black skirts or palazzo pants.  The men generally wear tuxedos or black suits with red ties.  In the spring, women have worn black pants and bright pastel tops with 3/4 or full sleeves. The men wear tuxedos or black suits with bright pastel ties.  For our holiday concerts with the GPSO, both men and women generally wear a top that is green or red, and skirts or trousers that are black.


Q:    I spend several weeks away during the year, and will have to miss some rehearsals.  Can I still join?




Q:    What does it cost to be in GPCC? 


The registration fee has been $50 per season (September-December and January-May) There is no charge for the music and the folder, as long as you erase any notes and return the folder and music after the concert. Those wishing to purchase their music may do so for $30.  There is a nominal fee for the practice CD.