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At the beginning of each rehearsal season, registration is conducted at the first two Tuesday night rehearsals. During this period, new and returning members are asked to arrive at rehearsal by 7:00 pm to turn in the fee and receive the music for the season before rehearsal begins at 7:30 pm.  Members of the board of directors will be on hand to welcome everyone and answer questions.  In the past, rehearsals were held in the choir room at Grosse Pointe North High School.  Indoor rehearsals are presently on hold due to the virus. 


The registration fee for a regular season has been $50. This fee covers GPCC's cost for purchasing printed music, the rental of rehearsal space, and securing the professional services of our music director Joseph Palazzolo and our accompanist Ron Pietrantoni. If the music is returned by the beginning of the next season, with all notes erased, there is no charge for its use. Members who prefer to make permanent notations in their music may purchase it at the cost of $30.

Rehearsal tracks are commonly provided for each section (altos, sopranos, tenors, bass/baritones). 


See our page of Frequently Asked Questions for more information about membership in GPCC.


Or contact President Sandra Mengel as noted on the contact page.